CURV is used in anti-ballistic and tactical applications to provide rigidity and dissipate ballistic impact.



CURV Tactical™ has increased stiffness for use as a durable, lightweight stiffener in protective vests, MOLLE webbing, belts, harnesses, holsters and backpacks. CURV Tactical™ can be easily laser cut and sewn and allows designers to achieve new levels wearable, durable, lightweight gear.

CURV® is also used in anti-ballistic applications in conjunction with puncture-resistant materials such as aramid fiber and UHMWPE. After stopping penetration with aramid, UHMWPE or ceramic, CURV helps disperse the kinetic energy of the projectile and reduces the blunt trauma to the person wearing protection. A thin layer of CURV incorporated behind the armor disperses the impact energy over a wider area, reducing the blunt trauma to the wearer and helping prevent the types of injury associated with traditional anti-ballistics protection.

Ballistic protection vests using CURV-aramid laminate are manufactured by Teijin Aramids (Twaron LFT AT / AT Flex products), jointly developed with PFS, and are the best combination of weight, volume, and protection available in the market. CURV can also be used in vehicle hard armor applications for reinforcing body parts or as anti-spalling protection in military vehicles.


Curv® is available in multiple grades to meet a wide range of mechanical properties to suit your functional requirements. Custom solutions are also available for unique applications.

Stiffness to Weight vs. Material

Impact Resistance vs. Material